• Therapy for Anxiety & Depression

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    Are you feeling hopeless, isolated, and not like your usual self? Is anxiety taking over your life, and you aren’t able to be yourself?

    Anxiety can sound like:

    • I feel like I can’t control my thoughts or emotions
    • I am always in my head
    • My thoughts keep me from sleeping
    • I constantly feel afraid or nervous

    Depression can sound like:

    • I am worthless and can’t do anything about it
    • I feel guilty for just wanting to eat, sleep and be alone
    • I hate who I am these days
    • Why I can’t stop crying, which makes me want to stay away from others

    If you have had any variation of these thoughts and don’t feel like your usual self, it is okay, and you are not alone. When folks feel anxious or depressed, it is typically because their mind and body are trying to regulate their nervous system to the best of their ability. Many of the folks I work with find relief in realizing that their struggle does not own them and that there are many options available to address depression and anxiety.

    Therapy will help you uncover the underlying causes of your worries and sadness, learn to look at situations in a new, less frightening way, and integrate new coping skills.

    I understand the stigmas that come with the label of being depressed or anxious, and I aim to help folks sort out their stressors while offering a safe space for being. Contact me today for a free consultation.